40K PLUS Pods

Pod Facilitators

To achieve a quality delivery in a village, we have reinvented the role of the teacher. Traditionally, a teacher will focus their efforts on: instruction, supervision, administration, and motivation.


The 40K PLUS model takes a different approach. The instruction is covered by our technology system, and peer-learning. We focus our training of facilitators on the motivation function. We believe the best teachers are the best motivators, so we focus on creating inspiring mentors for the children, and leave the teaching to the technology.

We hire women from the local communities, and empower them to facilitate the 40K PLUS pods. This creates a steady income stream for them, as well as increased community standing.

40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

40K PLUS started with setting up after school spaces in villages outside Bangalore. It was working in these villages that allowed us to develop over time a reliable yet cost-effective program to address the local need. Now as we scale our offering through working directly with governments and NGOs, the pods play the important role in helping us test and refine our approach to pedagogy further.

Children attend rented spaces in villages that we call 40K PLUS pods. These spaces are typically shop-fronts or small apartments that are transformed into dynamic learning environments. Primary-aged children attend our classes after-school each weekday afternoon.

The pods have been designed to maximise learning outcomes for a multi-age, multi-pace, multi-level environment. We run 2 classes each afternoon, and can accomodate up to 25 children in each class, totalling 50 per village who can attend.

The 75-minute class works as follows:

First 10 minutes “Take Off”: energiser to build fun and excitement into the class.


Next 55 minutes “In-Flight”: four 15 to 20 minute rotations between on tablet learning, and offline practice activities. Children progress at their own pace through Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced English programs.

Last 10 minutes "Landing": game-based activities to practice English language as a group.

40K PLUS Pods are run in the community... for the community... by the community.