Technology Project Plan

We have built a technology roadmap to ensure that the learning experience
for children is always improving.

Getting the technology right for the village is a critical input into the children's learning. This is because the technology assists us with being able to track how every single child is progressing through the program and when technology is used correctly, it drives consistency in our delivery across different pods. As such, "getting the product right" forms a critical part of our strategic plan.

In the illustration below, we have prioritised key capabilities of our technology into three Horizons. We expect to achieve the first horizon capabilities by July 2017, which correlates to the technology milestones in the strategic plan.

To go into further detail, the below chart breaks down the first horizon targets into an 18-month project plan. You can see that over the course of the next 12 months our focus is on continuing to build our human capital to build the technology, as well as improve the robustness of the database that drives our system, and improving the interface of the testing templates.