Strategic Plan

Our ambition is to reach 1 million children in over 10 countries.

Each year, we conduct a rolling strategic planning process, which sees us come together as a board and executive team, to reset the organisation's direction. Based on the previous year's key learnings we've had, we reset a 5-year vision for 40K PLUS, as well as set 12 month milestones. This allows us to prioritise key projects that take the organisation forward. 

To achieve the plan outlined below, we will focus on getting the product right, building a sustainable model, exploring more scalable delivery models and securing adequate funding. 

2021 Outcomes

1. Reach 1 million students,

2. Operate successfully in 10-15 countries,

3. Deliver PLUS through multiple channels and devices,

4. Students should achieve international learning standards,

5. We have a unique, defendable IP and knowledge base,

6. Content asset bank built, which supports expansion, and

7. Robust and sustainable financial model built.

June 2017 Milestones

1. Open 26 new pods in India,

2. Sustainable pod model defined and validated,

3. Cambodian partnership finalised, and 10-school pilot ready to launch in October 2017,

4. PLUS Scale model defined, and supporting business model validated,

5. Validated the existing program can be sold to schools,

6. PLUS curriculum aligned to global EFL frameworks,

7. Version Two product roadmap items completed,

8. Assets secured for 50% of Universal Curriculum Framework,

9. Secured additional $510,000 for technology development, and

10. Human capital skills built to take us to next level.

40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.