Our system has been designed to be globally scalable,  yet locally and culturally relevant.

We have made core development decisions based on what allows us to scale, embedding the following scale fundamentals:


1.We believe that the restrictions causing access to education issues are similar around the world

Our understanding of these restrictions was formed in India. Yet, when we started scoping out a second country for launch, Cambodia, we learnt that the issues are essentially the same. By validating our hypothesis in a second country, it increases our confidence that the same restrictions exist in other developing countries around the world.


2. Our technology system allows us to change everything

The key elements of the 40K PLUS program are designed to scale. Given our technology system is a platform, we can make changes based on 

  • different geographical and cultural needs,

  • different subjects, and

  • different users.

3. We've chosen to work with technology that works in restricted environments 

Tablets are not prone to electricity problems that desktops are. They are also much cheaper than laptops. The way we approach facilitation (using low-skilled resources) makes it adaptable globally.

4. We can build different models for different markets

When we were conducting our feasibility study for Cambodia, a new model of delivery emerged for Cambodian conditions. That is, 40K PLUS would be delivered through government schools, rather than through rented spaces. This will allow us to scale faster and more efficiently in the future. By running it through government schools, our role would be to focus on developing the program further, and training it for use by government school teachers. To see our Cambodia Feasibility Study, click on the link below.

40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.