Financial sustainability

We have built a model that is self-sustaining at a unit level, which means that external funds
accelerate our pace of growth and impact, and the rest takes care of itself.

Critically, the role of impact investment and philanthropy within the 40K Model is designed to increase our pace of development, without affecting our ability to operate day-to-day. This has been achieved through the following key elements:


40K PLUS pods are a social enterprise:

After setup, each pod is financially sustainable because the students pay a fee to attend, making it a social enterprise. This means that once a pod is opened, it can continue to run perpetually into the future so long as the parents continue to be happy with our service.


Impact Investment and Philanthropy funds capacity growth for 40K PLUS:

In the 40K model, external funding is designed to be an investment the future growth of 40K PLUS. This is the investment in building future versions of the technology system, the teacher training, and other program improvements.


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40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.