Use of technology

We've invented a technology system to standardise the quality of education delivery, at scale,
in a restricted village environment

We have invented a 3-part technology system to embed in our learning environment:


Dashboard: A cloud-based dashboard houses education content including learning material and assessments. We can add, remove and edit lessons and assessments, and critically track student data.


SneakerSync: Made up of a Master App, Raspberry Pi and Wi-Fi router, this allows for two-way movement of data in an offline environment, from the dashboard to the Learning App and vice versa.


Learning App: This is the children’s primary learning tool. As a platform, it aggregates content into a fun, gamified learning pathway, only unlocking levels when children have mastered a concept.

This solution shifts education delivery from a teacher to a device. The tech delivery enables consistency and quality at scale, as well as allowing multi-ability students to learn different concepts in the same classroom, at the same time. 


40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.