Above all else, we hold ourselves accountable by taking a data-driven approach
to ensuring that children learn.

At the heart of what we do is ensuring that children on our program achieve learning outcomes. Given that one of our values is “strive for a better way,” we leverage data from our technology system to make continuous improvements to the way the program works.

We track data to prove learning outcomes as well as achieve operational scale. That is:

  1. Proving learning outcomes

    • Our technology system tracks how every child is progressing on a lessons per month basis. This drives internal improvement as we identify levels and concepts where children are struggling, and build interventions to correct them.

    • We conduct and report on baseline tests twice per year to track the level of improvement of children enrolled in PLUS, against children not enrolled in PLUS.

  2. Operational scale

    • We track attendance, enrolment and quality operations data in every centre.

    • As we scale, we track the amount of new centres opened, as well as the number of school network partnerships that are established.

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40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.