Our main focus during this time has been to find ways to support our students and teachers impacted by this pandemic. Our priority, as always, is to find new ways to reach those who don't have the ability to access online learning resources. 


The Plus technology platform is an end-to-end technology solution that can make educational material accessible and available offline to all learners through low-cost android devices. The platform has been designed for low-resource environments and allows for asynchronous learning. 

Salient features:

Android-based platform that works on low-cost devices

Works offline and is ideal for learners without internet connectivity

Allows for curation of learning content and assessments

Allows for individual, asynchronous learning

Stores learner progress data, enabling informed interventions


For our learners in Cambodia who have access to smartphones within their family but only have low-bandwidth internet connectivity, the PLUS podcasts provide an accessible learning medium for continuing their English language lessons.  

The audio lessons are designed to target specific learning outcomes, aligned to the textbook for our learners in Cambodia and to the GSE for our global audience. 


Salient features:

Mimics a live classroom setup

Recorded by teachers to ensure authenticity

Short, engaging lessons that can be accessed through basic smartphones

grade 9 unit 10 _part 2
00:00 / 15:02

Here's a sample audio lesson:

Short online quiz to check understanding and get feedback


The 40K Plus pods were designed around a common space in the community where learners would meet everyday to learn English. With that not being possible due to the pandemic, we took on the challenge of re-imagining what a 40K Plus pod should be like. Most of our learners have access to smartphones at home and the so do our facilitators. Leveraging this, we put together a simple webpage that would act as the conduit to deliver learning material to our learners, with the facilitator still having control over what her students were learning.


Salient features:

5 minutes audio lesson, mimicking the facilitator

Lightweight video lessons targeting the learning outcome

Check out the sample page here:

Short quiz to check understanding

If you want to find out more about any of these initiatives or talk to us about collaborating on a project, please contact us