Creating access to learning in restricted environments 

anywhere in the world.

40K PLUS is a social enterprise with extensive experience in making quality learning accessible to children in low-resource environments.
We do this through an innovative use of technology that makes good quality learning content and assessments available offline for use in environments with no internet, lack of consistent electricity and a shortage of trained teachers. 
Currently, our flagship program, PLUS English, is being used by schools in India and Cambodia to build students' competency in listening, reading, writing and speaking basic English.
We believe that when children can read, write and speak English, they can read to learn and engage in meaningful conversations, which becomes the foundation for future study and increased employability.
40K Plus is a subsidiary of the 40K Foundation Australia Limited (www.40kfoundation.org), a non-profit registered in Australia. The 40K Foundation was set up to find and execute innovative solutions to poverty-related problems in developing communities around the world.

Flagship English Program

Targets first generation English learners

In India and Cambodia

Proven acceleration of learning outcomes

 Technology Against Poverty Prize

Winner 2016

Accelerator Grant Winner 2017

Winner, MIT Solve

NYC 2017 & Boston 2018

Winner, Innovation Award

Australian Social Enterprise Awards 2016


Emerging EdTech Company of the Year

Bangalore, India 2018

The key value of our work is in the curation, adaptation and localisation of educational content into an offline pathway where children’s progress can be measured and improved.


Our global program is mapped to the Global Scale of English (GSE) but can be adapted to the national curriculae of different countries, or other global frameworks.


We implement directly in schools or in collaboration with implementation partners. We take care to design the delivery of the program through an iterative process with partners, to ensure that the program can be most effective based on the delivery resources available.


- The PLUS English program focuses on learning English as a language rather than as a subject. 

- The learner-centric design that leverages technology, greatly reduces the need for a well-trained teacher, making the program highly standardized and easy to adopt.

- While technology is a very important part of the offering, the program seeks to also encourage peer-based learning and communication, allowing each classroom to build it's own unique identity over time.

40K Plus is committed to child safety and creating a safe learning environment for children.

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